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7 Correct Ways to Deal with Rude Customers (and 1 awful method)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
This customer seems kind of pissed, how would you sooth her? If you are in the customer service industry, then you’ve had to handle an irate or down-right rude customer or two in your time. These encounters can be draining, frustrating, and annoying experiences for both parties — the customer and you. Getting through the conversation, or monologue, can be a challenge all of its own.

But you have an opportunity at this point to make a difference for someone. Besides salvaging a customer and preventing a potential outbreak of negativity, it can be a wonderful feeling when you can help someone fix a problem or even simply make the experience positive despite the customer’s bad attitude. So here are some tips to get you through a conversation with an angry or rude customer. And while most customers only get livid behind the safety of a phone call, the following pointers can also help with face-to-face encounters.


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