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Interview Your Web Design Clients: 3 Sets of Questions to Ask

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
Interview Your Clients Before You Design Their Site Your understanding of a design project is pivitol to your success in meeting your client’s needs. Moreover, a job well done will help ensure repeat business and invaluable referrals.

However, before you take up any order for making a website, it’s important to have complete information to start on the right note. There should be easy communication between you and your clients, so that you clearly outline all expectations. Understanding each other, and asking your client some important questions will save both of you time, and reduce the chance of a project failure due to miscommunication. Moreover, it will pave way for a long and lasting business relationship.

Below are 3 sets of questions that I always ask my clients before providing a quote.


11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
What questions do I ask a web designer? Most companies do not have a problem finding web designers these days with graphic and web design becoming one of the more popular college degrees. The trouble arises with finding a web designer who knows their stuff and also who can keep your information secure. Let’s face it — more and more firms are in-sourcing the development of their websites. This has lots of important benefits, with improved security being a big reason more companies are keeping web developers (and source code) in-house. Whether you want a temporary designer or one to add to your list of employees,, there are a few critical questions to be sure to table so you don’t end up with 3 months of wasted time…or worse.


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