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10 Uses for MS Paint You Didn’t Think of!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Skills with MS Paint?? The featured image was NOT created in MS Paint (Photoshop, of course!), although, with enough patience it could have been. MS Paint. Seriously?! Well, sometimes you don’t have your fancy Mac with all your downloaded versions of Photoshop and the like handy. In fact, you might be in one of those rare situations where you have to use a PC (gasp!). What ever shall you do?!

Well, fortunately for you, the dear folks at Microsoft have a built in bitmap editor that is absolutely terrible and almost useless. But, there is hope and a couple ‘o tricks are available to you if you find yourself in a pinch.


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  • ThemeStock
  • Stockedphotos
  • Bravenet
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