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The English-Web Developer Dictionary

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Sometimes there is a communication gap during a conversation with a regular non-technical person (perhaps a website owner or a business owner with a website in the works) and someone more technically gifted, such as a website developer or programmer. Even more experienced website owners that have heard tech jargon used many times suffer this issue by misusing common terms that they believe they understand. If you find yourself in caught up in one of these communication gaps, and you just can’t seem to connect with your developer, don’t blame yourself. Instead, educate yourself in the language of a web developer with this easy to use English – Web Developer Dictionary.

Term: Bug – Example: There is a bug in the website.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: There is something that is causing a problem in the website that is producing an unanticipated and/or unwanted result.
Web Developer Definition: An insult often slung by uneducated clients that don’t understand the features of the program.

Term: Laggy – Example: The website is laggy and slow to load.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: The script is loading pages slowly and it is impacting the the responsiveness of the website.
Web Developer Definition: An accusation that the code is not optimally written when the real problem is with the server or web host.

Term: Dummy Text – Example: Use this dummy text on the beta site.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: Sample text to be used until later substituted.
Web Developer Definition: Any text provided by the site owner.

Term: Beta – Example: Our Web 2.0 site has been launched in beta!
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: An early version of a website that requires testing and evaluation.
Web Developer Definition: A finished project.

Term: Layout – Example: This template will serve as the layout of our website.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: The presentation of the website that will form the visitor’s impressions of the business.
Web Developer Definition: Irrelevant to the function of the site.

Term: Misalignment – Example: There is a misalignment in the website’s graphics.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: An error in the position of a website element in relation its intended location.
Web Developer Definition: A problem caused by IE.

Term: Downtime – Example: The website experienced 9 hours of downtime yesterday.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: A heart wrenching period in which sales are lost and visitors have sought alternative solutions from competitors.
Web Developer Definition: Routine maintenance and upgrades.

Term: IE - Example: IE (Internet Explorer) comes bundled with Windows.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: The method my which more than half of my website’s visitors will view the appearance of the site.
Web Developer Definition: Pointless, stupid, and irrelevant.

Term: Schedule – Example: This week’s schedule includes completing sections I-IV of the project.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: A time line outlining specific completion dates and milestones of programming tasks.
Web Developer Definition: Rough guidelines.

Term: Usability Tester- Example: The usability tester will be performing a checkup on the website.
Client/Site Owner’s Misunderstanding: A person experienced with testing multiple aspects of a website to aide in a more user friendly experience.
Web Developer Definition: That jerk that breaks all my stuff.

It is recommended that you review the above definitions thoroughly before your next communication with your web developer to help ensure a smooth and fluid dynamic in your correspondences and to avoid any future verbal fopauxs.

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