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Box Tops WebComic – 10 Rules to Becoming a Less Irritating Designer

This entry was posted By Cubert on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 8:39 am and is filed under Box Tops - One Square WebComic, Offbeat. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Rule #1

It does not look right on my screen just because it looks right on yours. Your client is neither blind nor lying.

Webmaster: Your design is all ready to go.

Client: Wait, the alignment is out of wack.

Webmaster: let me have a look. Hmm. Nope, it’s fine.

Rule #2

Footers are not Nascars, limit the crap you stick in them!

Rule #3

Light text on a light background is just as hard to read as dark text on a dark background.

Rule #4

To err is human. To validate catches those errors and statistically reduces the chances that you will have display problems on your website.

Rule #5

Birds don’t live on your website. Stop nesting tables.

Rule #6

Just because it shouldn’t act funny, doesn’t mean it isn’t acting funny. Never “shouldn’t” a client.

Client: I’m getting a sideways scroll bay

Designer: You shouldn’t, the widest image is only 1040px

Client: …

Rule #7

Using all caps for anything but cartoons is like shouting in my eyes. Please stop yelling in my eyes.

Rule #8

It’s not 2005 anymore. You can stop making narrow 800×600 designs.

Rule #9

The high availability of cable and fiber access doesn’t excuse the use of a 500k logo. Optimize your graphics.

Rule #10

Don’t make me guess where the links are, at least underline or make them a different color or SOMETHING. I didn’t come to your website to play 3 card monte with your links, I came to your website to look at pictures of women I came to your website to purchase a much needed ointment for my skin condition I came to your website to post about my support for the reunited New Kids on the Block in your thought journal I came to your website to play 3 card monte…

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