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A Step by Step Guide on How to Find Basic Information Online Using the Search Engine Website Google

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You may have been directed to this page from a forum or Q&A website because a member of the website believes that you require further instruction on executing a Google web search to find very basic information online. Please follow the instructions below to complete the execution of your Google database website search.

Step 1.

Open a web browser and locate the “Address Bar”, also known as “Location Bar” or “Url Bar” – it will be located at the top of your web browser software as identified below in Figure 1:

Figure 1:


Step 2.

Using the computer mouse input device, click the field in the above identified “Address Bar”, and with your computer connected keyboard hardware *type the below information exactly as it appears:

See Diagram 2 below for an image preview of the results.

(*Note- advanced users may copy and paste this text as well).

Diagram 2:


Step 3.

Once the above text has been successfully typed into the “Address Bar” of your web browser, proceed to press the “Enter” button; note that on some model computers this button may be labeled “Return” in the alternative.

Step 4.

By Pressing the “Enter” or “Return” button as detailed in step 3 above, you will have executed the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol function of your website browser software, and you will begin connecting to the Google Website homepage. This process may happen almost instantly, or it may take several seconds to occur based on the speed of your Internet connection and other network factors that may affect the latency of your web request.

Once this transfer has occurred, you will have arrived at the main website page for the Google website search engine. When this happens, the appearance of the page in the content viewing area of your web browser will have altered suddenly; please do not be alarmed by this change. Illustration C below provides an example of the result of the completed transfer:

Illustration C:

Step 5.

Now that you have arrived at the Google search engine website homepage, it is time to begin your search of the Google records database for the information that you have been having difficulty obtaining. To do this, locate the Google search field as identified in Picture IV below:

Picture IV:


Step 6.

Within the above identified Google search field, enter a question or snippet of text pertaining to the topic that you would like to receive basic information regarding. For this example, we will use the phrase “how to boil water”. See Web Page Image XOXO beneath:

Web Page Image XOXO:

 Step 7.

The moment is here! It’s finally time to execute your Google website search to find answers to your simple question! To perform this task, just click on the website button with the label “Google Search” as seen in Visualization Omega below:

Visualization Omega:


Step 8.

You will now be treated to a variety of website results that fit your search criteria to resolve your basic topic. In this case, we were lucky enough to find a video tutorial to help us boil our water as captured in Portrayal XKCD:

Portrayal XKCD:


Congratulations! You have now learned how to execute a search on the Google website database resource.  If you believe that another user on your favorite forum or Q&A website can benefit from this knowledge, based on the type of questions they are asking, please be sure to pass this link along to them to further their education.

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