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50 Ways to Earn Commissions

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The BoxedArt affiliate program is offering a special increased commission rate of 35% (usually 25%) through Halloween (October 31, 2010). We’re also giving high performing affiliates (affiliates that provide a dozen or so sales per month and/or 75+ hits or so a day), the opportunity to permanently retain their rate. To help in promoting your affiliate links, we’ve assembled a large group of our banners, and have composed a list of promotion ideas to the tune of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

50 Ways to Earn Commissions

You just slip in a tweet, Pete
Write in a blog, Dog
You don’t need to add spam, Dan
Just post casually
Start a new thread, Ted
Don’t need to be a mod, Rod
Just drop a text link, Wink
And direct it to me

You just mail to your list, Miss
Post to your Wall, Paul
You can give it a like, Ike
Just include your affil. ID
Use Google Ads, Babs
You won’t need to budget much
Just grab a banner ad, Tad
And make some money

Affiliate Program Details


  • Participation is FREE!
  • Large 25% 35% commission paid on each sale!
  • Our all access membership creates the highest conversion rates, earn frequent commissions!
  • Activation is INSTANT!
  • Affiliate cookie and IP tracking is good for a year, earn commissions from visitors you sent months ago!
  • Real-time instant tracking and reporting!
  • Instant automatic email notification sent for all commissions!
  • Add value to your site without the hassle, we handle billing, processing, tracking, payments, and everything else!

Sign up or login to the affiliate program here.

Note: The affiliate program does not permit self referrals, but please do refer your friends, customers, clients, visitors, and colleagues! If you don’t have any colleagues, you may substitute your peers.

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Great source of earnings, thanks for sharing it!!!!!!

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