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Ad MarketPlace Roundup Part IV: AdBrite Review

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In parts I through III we covered AdSense, BuySellAds, Text-Link-Ads, and in text ads such as Kontera and VibrantMedia. Now it’s time to check out a single service that offers all of these concepts, plus a few unusual options.

6. AdBrite Review

The History:

Originally named MarketBanker, AdBrite was founded by the famous Pud (Philip Kaplin) of the now de defunct

Irrelevant Side Note: My belief that one of the reasons for the renaming of Adbrite was that on many forums MarketBanker was incorrectly referred to as MarketBanner by inattentive users, probably causing some confusion for the company.

Extremely Irrelevant Horn Blowing: Included in Pud’s portfolio of websites is a cell phone camera photo uploading/photo sharing site called When MoBog was first launched, it used BoxedArt’s 3D animated cell phone character “Roaming Signal” as it’s logo:

BoxedArt Roaming Signal:

Former MoBog Logo

Back on topic, MarketBaner was one of the first true ad market places to hit the web, and was initially met with a bit of skepticism, as many did not take the ventures of the founder very seriously. However the website soon gained traction with their AdBrite rebranding and addition of publishers such as Alexa signing up to serve their banners.

The Options:

AdBrite has a very robust line of offers, and basically includes all of the options listed in this multi-part blog post for publishers and sponsors, and then some. These options include:

Text Ads: Ad blocks placed in the style of Google Adsense. These ads are billed/paid on a CPC basis, and the colors and format of the ad blocks can be customized in the same manner as Adsense.

Banner Ads: The banner ad sizes available from AdBrite are not customizable like those at BuySellAds, and their banner system again reminds me more of the model from Adsense, defaulting to various industry standard sizes including:

Banner (468×60)
Leaderboard (728×90)
Medium rectangle (300×250)
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide skyscraper (160×600)

Additionally, Banners can be bought sold on a CPM or CPC basic, rather than the pay for fixed placement like on BuySellAds.

Full Page Ads: Otherwise known as “interstitial ads”. These are those pages that will sometimes appear when you are browsing or entering a website, you know the ones, they have the little link bar on top with the option to “skip this ad” or “continue to the website” that you were intending to visit.

Inline Ads: This is the same hover over ad box concept seen offered by VibrantMedia and Kontera, however you won’t find rich media, video, flash, or embedded articles here. These are more like the stripped down “Vibrant Text” option from VibrantMedia.

Rich Media Ads: Currently being offered to a “select group of publishers” only. Rich Media Ads contain HTML, and other, well, “Rich Media”.

BritePic: Probably the most bizarre ad format that I’ve ever seen. This system ads ads to the photos on your website, as well as a menu of options. I could write paragraphs trying to explain, but instead I’ll just provide a link to their synopsis:


AdBrite has some very innovative and unique offers, and a pretty long history when it comes to ad marketplaces. If you’re looking to try out new ways to monetize ad revenue, AdBrite is a good place to experiment. Publishers have full control over what ads are placed on their website, and can even decide their own rates for ads. If you are a publisher, AdBrite has a lot of tools to help you in your campaign experiments by selecting your ads on “more effective sites only”, targeting by demographic, and even geo targeting.


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The best way to make CPC money is the combination of Infolinks and Adsense…it pays me much higher revenues than the Adbrite solutions…

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