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Ad MarketPlace Roundup Part III: Kontera and VibrantMedia Review

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Looking for a different kind of ad format that doesn’t take up space on your sidebar, header or footer? If you’re running low on conventional ad space, you might be able to score some additional revenue with Kontera or VibrantMedia.

4. Kontera Review

Kontera has picked up steam for a form of ad known as “in-text” advertising, which differs from “inLinks”. Like inLinks, Kontera adds links to existing keywords and phrases that it finds in a publisher’s content, however the twist is that instead of providing a direct text link to that website for Google PR value, it instead makes a little graphical window with an advertisement when the link is hovered over with a mouse cursor.


Kontera has two different types of products that operate under the same technical premise, which are:

A. ContentLink

ContentLink is Kontera’s original and more simplified product. Targeted phrases are replaced with hover over link boxes that contain simple text ads, a link, and often a photo. An example can be seen below:

B. Kontera Hybrid

Kontera Hybrid is an more elaborate version of ContentLink. The hover over box on Kontera Hybrid is claimed to offer more “engaging content” such as videos, articles, and animated advertisements. If my understanding is correct, Kontera Hybrid allows publishers to place some of their own content within the pop-up boxers, alongside the ads that are served. An example of Kontera Hybrid is below:


Kontera has a few helpful features in their bag, such as frequency and density of their links within your content, and helpful reporting that includes Impressions, clicks, CTR (Click Through Rate), revenue, and eCPM (effective Cost Per Thousand). You can view the most clicked keywords, and the best performing pages of your site.

What it’s Missing:

Like Google Adsense and Adwords, Kontera is not quite a marketplace in the same sense as BuySellAds and Text-Link-Ads as seller’s can’t set their own prices and publishers can’t browse through available websites and website rates.


Prior to writing this, I researched user’s experiences with Kontera, and many publishers have reported that their financial results seem to be somewhat underwhelming. IN my own trials with the products, I’ve experienced marginal results as well. However I’ve not tested Kontera Hybrid, and would not discourage new users from giving the product a try for a few days to a week. I have a feeling that the program is pretty hit or miss, and will either work well with your website content or not, so it’s something you need to test out for yourself.

5. VibrantMedia Review

History and Off-Topic Nostalgia:

VibrantMedia is a website that has been in the game for quite some time, and they’ve evolved quite a bit. When they were getting started, VibrantMedia served aggregated content from a number of news sources on copy and paste feeds made available to websites, and these feeds eventually began displaying some sponsor links, which eventually evolved into their current business model. In fact, our own network website,, was once a content source for their feeds, and I had personally written some of the content syndicated through their feeds about a decade ago.

Ad Types Formats:

Today, VibrantMedia offers contextual “in-text” advertising, similar to Kontera’s services, creating same window pop-up ads when links are hovered upon. I don’t have personal experience in using their services, however their current ad formats pages lists 8 types of hover over ad types including:

Vibrant Video Expandable (300 pixel wide video)

Vibrant Video Standard (172 pixel wide video)

Vibrant Expandable Flash (300 x 250 flash ad)

Vibrant Freeform (300×200 flash, animated gif, or static gif)

Vibrant Brandbox (Small flash area alongside text and links)

Vibrant Billboard (234×60 flash area with text and links beneath)

Vibrant Static Image (Small button ads next to text and links)

Vibrant Text (Simply text, title and link)

You can find further information on these ad formats here:

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User Justin27 says: May 17, 2009 at 10:37 am

What a great detailed post…But for in text ads which seems to be not a bad solution at all…there is another provider you didn’t mentioned called Infoilinks…they are much friendlier and pay you much more!!!

User Travis Van Slooten (hoodia prime ) says: May 19, 2009 at 8:28 pm

I’ve got some relevant info here. I’m actually looking for a great ad format. The good thing is Kontera’s features allows you to view the best performing pages as it says. Nice one though. I’ll try to check this out.

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