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Ad MarketPlace Roundup Part II: Text-Link-Ads Review

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In part II of the Ad MarketPlace Roundup, I take a look at including their recent controversy stemming from their SEO manipulating business model, along with a synopsis of their products.

3. Text-Link-Ads Review

The Controversy:

Text-Link-Ads made a big splash when it was first introduced, however they have been having some pretty well publicized issues. Text-Link-Ads is a true marketplace, much like BuySellAds, however instead of graphic ads, they sell, well, text link ads.  The issue they’ve been facing is that Google considers the sale of text link ads to be an unnatural manipulation of search engine results, since incoming text links are a big part of the algorithm that Google uses to score and rank websites. As such, because this behavior is frowned upon by Google, has been delisted by the search giant.  What does this mean to publishers and sponsors? So far, there do not seem to be any serious ramifications to the users of Text-Link-Ads, however, without search engine placement, the community growth for this marketplace could be at affected, making it more difficult to attract more sponsors for the slew of publishers selling their text link ad space.

The Bad News:

Because publishers that are signed up with text-link-ads could themselves get into trouble by selling “manipulating ad links” on their sites, publishers are unable to see the URLs of the websites they’re interested in sponsorship, prior to their purchase.

The Good News:

Text-link-Ads does reveal the URL of the website where your ads are purchased after you have completed a transaction, and they allow for the ad to be cancelled after the ad is purchased if not satisfied.

Additionally, if you submit a request for a custom proposal, they’ll send you suggested websites to advertise and you will be able to see the full URLs of the sites on their proposal.  However, as proposals are likely submitted in bulk, you should be careful about ensuring that their suggested websites actually meet your targeting expectations.

The Products:

Text-link-ads offers 2 flagship products which include:

A. Standard Text Link Ads

These are the types of links you often see on website sidebars and footers that contain a key phrase along with the URL of the website.

B. inLinks

The inLink sponsor option is touted as being a more natural linking method. Like Standard Text Link Ads, it incorporates keyword phrases used to link sponsor URLs, however the links are automatically inserted into publishers content, so it creates a relation to the surrounding content. A lot of folks say this type of contextual advertising is more helpful for SEO and search rankings than stray text links.


Tip 1. If you do decide to try out text-link-ads, they have a long standing coupon for $100 in free ads (coupon code STARTER KIT) located at:

Tip 2. Their newsletter is known for sending out additional coupon codes and discounts every so often, and signing up could be worthwhile.

Tip 3. Go ahead and request a custom proposal, it couldn’t hurt.

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