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This entry was posted By Cubert on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 9:07 pm and is filed under BoxedArt, Inspiration. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

The BoxedArt blog is growing like a weed! Although this section of BoxedArt is new compared to the 8 year history of, we have regular readers coming back each week for helpful and hilarious information. To keep our readers satisfied, we’re looking for some guest contributors to submit their writing to be published on our blog. If you think you might have the stuff to contribute, here’s what we’re looking for in what we publish:

  • Each article should be informative and relate to web design, webmastering, or marketing in some way. The reader should come away knowing something they did not know before they read it.

  • Each article should be interesting to read. This does not mean that every piece of writing needs to be filled with wisecracks, but it shouldn’t be dry as toast.

  • Each article needs to be original! This means you can’t drop by Smashing Magazine and copy their list of 40 coolest websites designed to look like sofa cushions (however, as that is not a real topic on SM yet, that would be an acceptable topic if you could actually find 40 websites that have been designed to look like sofa cushions).

  • Lists of cool sites that have something in common are ok (with screen shots), reviews of popular sites or cool new services are ok (as long as they aren’t yours!), tutorials are EXTREMELY welcome, and tips, tricks, simple how-tos, news like stories, and information on helpful resources are all acceptable.

  • Every article must be provided exclusively to BoxedArt (this means it may not be published on other sites).

Right about now you might be saying to yourself or to others in the room, or to your followers on twitter, or to buddies on skype, or to passersby that are walking past your window “geez, BoxedArt sure is asking for a lot, why would I write for THEM, why wouldn’t I just put my awesome writing on my OWN blog?” Well, first off, I don’t appreciate that tone, and second, I was just getting to that. So here’s why you should consider sending your writing to us:

  • Each published article will be fully credited, and with every article published we will put a real live naked link to your site (provided your site is appropriate for our audience) along with a bio about you or your website. The link won’t be one of those cheesy no follow links that Google will never know about – it will be raw and live. This is a great deal as the main homepage of is a PR 8 as of a fresh PR check on at the time this post was made.

  • BoxedArt is 8 years old, has NEVER sold a link on its site to ANYONE, and has been naturally linked to by loads of authority websites.

  • Every post made in this blog is linked to directly from the home page of BoxedArt (remember, the homepage sends through a PR 8 value to the pages it links to), it is also tweeted on our twitter account (we’ve got around 520 or so followers right now, but we’re still new to twitter and expect lots of growth), all of our posts are submitted directly to Friendfeed, may be published in our newsletter sent to 10′s of 1000′s of subscribers, and because of our long white hat history, our posts tend to rank well with Google’s index.

  • If you write 5 or more blog posts for us per month, you will get a sidebar listing on our blog’s main right side navigation (there will be a new section for Top Contributors on the side bar). This section will appear in the current design, however when we reskin the blog (we have sketches for an incredible theme for this blog), the Top Contributors section will be extremely prominent.

  • If you write 10 or more blog posts per month, we can discuss additional publicity for your website.

  • You may still link to each of your posts from your own website or blog so that your own readers can still follow all of your work.

If this deal sounds good to you, then drop us a line at the email address shown on the below image:

Subject: I want to write for BoxedArt!

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Thanks for giving this chance.
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